Thursday, 26 June 2014

Joe Anderson-The Property Developers Friend

While closing down nursing homes and libraries all over the city, Joe Anderson has now been recognised as the property developers friend.
Moaning about budget cuts left right and centre there always seems to be money to be found to assist some carefully selected developer or two.
 The previous recipients of this sort of accolade where the likes of Derek Hatton who knocked down the whole of Clayton square which was predominantly Georgian to have George Wimpey or Barratts Build a crap shopping centre. (Joe Anderson makes Trevor Jones look like a DIY enthusiast).
Anderson says after winning a top award at The Merseyside Property Dinner(sic)
"It's an endorsement of the council. I don’t like using the word council. I prefer city.
"If you do the same old things you get the same old results. Liverpool was good at saying ‘you can’t do that because it’s too difficult’ rather than having a ‘can do’ approach. We had to get rid of that style.
"It's been tough but austerity meant we had to get rid of people and I took the opportunity to get rid of the dead wood and the people who were not entrepreneurs and hadn’t got the ‘can do’ attitude.
"Liverpool is clearly now a city for business and welcomes the opportunity to talk to investors. The best days are ahead of Liverpool."
Liverpool is on the World Heritage In danger List but that's alright Joe don't worry about that just sell all our land off to the ......lowest bidder.

The other shortlisted candidates were Langtree managing director John Downes; Professional Liverpool chairman Jim Gill, Falconer Chester Hall chairman Paul Falconer; and Sean Beech, partner at Delloite and chairman of the Liverpool MIPIM steering group.

North West Business Insider editor Chris Maguire said: "There's a feel-good factor about the North West property sector and in Liverpool and Merseyside especially.

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