Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Save Grafton Street Stable From The Dusanj Brothers

Another decent building about to bite the dust. How many more can we lose?

This is a handsome building one of the last stables in Liverpool. In Grafton Street next to Cains.

An Edwardian stables of red stock brick with fine details. It has its original gates.
The Baltic village masterminded by the Dusanj Brothers and their crafty antic and helped along by shady PR companies.

We think the council may even be giving them a grant for it.


Derek Hatton was the one who delivered redundancy notices to council; workers in Taxi’s.

This council gives grants to developers that will lose scores of jobs for workers.

Come Back Derek Hatton all is forgiven. (thats a joke please dont)


This is a good building that needs saving because they will knock it down.

Situated next to Cains Brewery, which has been closed by the Brothers Grimm, the Dusanj.

They don’t care, they have no concern for peoples lives, all they wish to do is make money on the site.

They say they will be retaining a craft brewery, yet we saw the Giant copper Vats being removed over the weekend

Here’s one we did earlier



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