Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Max Steinberg Of Liverpool Vision-Take Your Blindfold Off And You Will See The Truth.

In view of the recent allegations in Private Eye about Stella Shiu.
You heard it here first.
We ask is Liverpool Vision under the leadership of Max Steinberg just PeelPoodles.
All those people who got taken in by Ms Shiu and the whole Chinese Circus including Herr Dictator Joe Anderson must be feeling a little bit sick this morning.
Even though the disgusting  local press buried it in the graveyard Saturday night Echo.
 They have all met her it seems.
We warned them not to be taken in by China as the system there is not a model one.
But no, they go on chasing the money, hardly a care in the world. Not seeming to care where it came from.
 Well is there any? Three years later and not brick has been laid either on Wirral or Liverpool Waters.
 Peel have stretched themselves  too far.
Just google the term Questions raised over 'China fever' development on Mersey....... and a Financial Times expose will appear as if by magic.
There are far too many people blinkered, and one of them is Max Steinberg who seems obsessed ith Peel Holdings
Its good for him and his career, no doubt, he gets to meet David Cameron who at this moment is in China.

Steinberg said: "It's really good news for Peel, Wirral and the wider city region. Stella Shiu is a high ranking member of the Chinese government and she has said she will bring Chinese people to the area because she is so impressed with it.

"That will undoubtedly have benefits for the region. Visitor numbers from China to Liverpool are up hugely on other years and by getting the trade centre scheme off the ground thousands of jobs will be created in Wirral."

He added that the investment was "another example of the clear benefits" of Liverpool's presence at the World Expo in Shanghai last year, where Peel was headline sponsor of the city's pavilion.

Max Steinberg: "Chinese investment will spark further interest" it certainly has done that just google Questions raised over 'China Fever' development on Mersey

It was  the NWDA, or us, the public that payed for Peel holdings at Shanghai Expo 2010 they only ccontributed 200,000 of the near 2 million pound cost and what have we got back, a load of controversy and nothing much else and Liverpool on the World Heritage In Danger List.
You need to take the goggles off Mr Steinberg before you and the other people we pay to represent us make a clown of themselves and Liverpool gets tainted with corruption....again.

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