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David Bartlett-Shoddy Journalist. Why Did You Not Look Into Stella Shiu and Peel Holdings? J'accuse.

 After The Financial Times article Friday 29.11.3 and its focus on Stella Shiu and Peel Holdings.
 We ask today why the local press are hiding facts from the public.

The FT article was then spun around a corner by Marc Waddington and turned into a jolly good story.
 It was co-written by Liam Murphy who should be made to resign for the utter garbage that he has written about Stella Shiu being a high ranking Chinese Government official. We sent this Private Eye article to him and all hacks at Old Hall Street

Even now they mislead the public

We have great concerns about the level of journalism at Trinity "Smoking" Mirror here on Merseyside.
Wayne won David Bartlett an award for his world heritage writing.
He would cut and paste what he had written (check the dates they all appear the day after we printed them) throw a few misquotes in and put his name to it.
Today we accuse him of burying news from the Liverpool public.
Wayne says "I used to help him as much as I could naively thinking it would help our cause of saving the world heritage site, but then I started to notice how he would cherry pick what he wanted and drop other things in to suit what he wanted to write.
Now that he has been promoted to News Editor level we are extremely worried.
We decided some time ago to bypass the local press as we consider they don't tell the truth. There is an old saying "If you lay with dogs, you get fleas"

Our movement is growing and we intend to stay focused on the truth not half truths twisted by trained seals."

Here is a series of emails between Wayne on behalf of LPT and David Bartlett.
In light of the recent articles in the FT you decide whether he has buried the truth.
 Just so you know whats happening and what the press knows here is proof that the local press deny you information and will not engage in sensible debate.
Andy Kelly the then News Editor, was also aware of concerns we have about Stella Shiu he was sent Private Eye articls and buried them. Mark Thomas and Alastair were also advised of Private Eyes reporting....yet did nothing.
May 15
to davidbartlett

David you recently wrote a jolly good uplifting story about Peel Holdings

You will of course be aware that I have been asking you to check into the finances of Peel for over a year and its links to the Chineses government.
In order to trust the local press we have to know that they have checked their sources and are in fact not just doing press releases from whoever they may see fit.
We have to know the local press are not biased towards property developers that will, in Peels case lose us WHS status using blackmail and threats to back out of projects if they dont get thier way.

1. Where did this story eminate from.
2. What ckecks did you do to confirm that the Chinese Government is in fact on board. Did you contact them or just take someones word?
3. What checks have you done to confirm Peel have the finances or the structure to deal with such ambitious schemes considering the projects all over the country they are proposing.

4.Did you consider that in writing this story you are in fact endorsing the relationship of Stella Shui and San-Wa minerals with Peel Holdings making this look like a gigantic enterprise set up by the Chinese government at a time when there is huge corruption in China.
Where are the checks that we as a city do not get bound up in all this?

Please would you let me know how you checked this story?
I would appreciate a reply


David BartlettMay 16
David Bartlett via

Hi Wayne,

Sorry I couldn't stop to chat the other day. Always happy to talk about Peel, probably better to do in person next time we meet rather than email.

Speak soon

David Bartlett
City Editor Liverpool Post and ECHO
0151 472 2455


Reply Forward
liverpool preservationtrust

May 20

to David

David thanks for call half an hour ago.
I understand the paper does not have enough journalists and those working there are overworked ...........but this has gone far enough now.
I have enclosed a Private Eye article that I have contributed with the sole intention of bypassing the local press who its seems are insistent on building up Stella Shiu while doing nothing in the way of checks.
I do not go with your view that she may have had financial problems in Hog Kong but that does not mean it has no effect here in the UK.
The fact that I have had to do it for you and pass it to you, and you still ignore it makes the situation seem bizarre.
I would go as far as to say it appears an editorial stance that you or your colleague Liam Murphy do no checks to substantiate your articles wherever Stella Shiu or Peels invisible finances rear their head.
Who said she was a government official this is a question I asked you and you could not answer.

I requested that you look into the finances of Peel and Stella Shiu and you said you couldnt because you are overworked.

So am I And I have better things to be doing than trawling my way through misrepresentational reporting in order to fight what me and my colleagues perceive as heritage battles ie. save Liverpools Working Heritage site while getting reconstruction.

I will ask you once again to look into the structure of Peel Holdings in view of the recent Private Eye article

As to your request to take it to Chris Walker I am asking you in a detailed and balanced manner to redress your reporting that has built up Peel and Sam Wa to mythical proportions...when common sense says there appears to b rather a lot of smoking mirrors going on.


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