Friday, 26 July 2013

Tom Murphy-Dumping Bad Sculpture On The Streets Of Liverpool.

Commissioned by people who will never understand form. They are the ones that have let Tom Murphy loose on a city, that did, have a tradition of fine sculpture.

Liverpool, at the turn of the last century, had the Art Sheds where the likes of Charles Allen worked. And now we have Tom Murphy’s shed.

Murphy is a best friend with David Charters at the Daily Ghost and he has continually publicised him over the years, feeding the artistically ill educated patrons with nonsense. Peter Elson interviewed him as the Big Interview for The Ghost.
An advertorial.
Laura Davis who is a good egg, writes this article.
Here in this weeks Daily or Weekly Ghost they are touting for him to get another job. It looks the worst one he has done.

This panel illustrated looks like it has been drawn by a 10-year-old snotty nosed kid not a competent crafts person, that Murphy is not.
Just look at Ken Dodd with a kebab at Lime Street Station.
The Bessie Braddock looks like a Sack with a head on it.
The Roily Polly’s outside Littlewoods are badly modelled even for chubby blokes who are not really members of the Wombles, and Johnny Walker at The Pier Head looks like he has had one whisky too many.
The writer declares that any sculpture that Spud Murphy likes to challenge him on he will make a better job of.

Here's some we did earlier.
We have to be very careful about the legacy of the boom era that has seen us trash the World Heritage Site to a shadow of its former glory.

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  1. "This panel illustrated looks like it has been drawn by a 10-year-old snotty nosed kid..."