Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Frank McKenna-Is Alastair Machray His PR Agent?

You have to be worried about the level of publicity for a lobby group when it reaches the proportions that it has here on Murkeyside. Trinity "Smoking" Mirror Group seem to be a law onto themselves, out of control in fact, printing what they like . 
Last week a row broke out, or was it manufactured? 
It was relating to comments by Frank McKenna and was duly put on the front page of the Daily Ghost. The row centred around the Ropewalks area and was predominantly about how Frank McSpiv thinks 300 properties should be CPO'd by the council.
Or was it a guise for Iliad, one of his first members, and the vandals of 6 Sir Thomas Street,to be allowed to walk all over the ropewalks area. It did not say that of course but was disguised in a manner that was slight of hand in our opinion.                                                         
 We are hearing reports that the person who writes the Ropewalks blog resigned.
 Do Iliad run this website?
 Was he pressurised out by Iliad after he made comments on Facebook?

 But it does not stop there this week there is another page this time with the Mayor and Malcolm Kennedy playing political manoeuvres, against McKenna, when we all know that there is a direct link with Frank McKenna and the Council.
 Downtown Liverpool In Business has a slogan.
Its not what, you know. Its who we know.
 Larry Neild when working for The Ghost received an award for his journalism! From McKenna and duly got up and gave a 20 minute acceptance speech.
 So why is there so much space given over to McSpiv and his group from The Editor in Chief Trinity Mirror Merseyside by Alastair Machray.?
 Joe Anderson has often spoke at Downtown Liverpool get togethers, but now when he is geting a spotlight on his interactions he now wishes to PR a distance from McKenna.
Guest speaker one minute not talking the next, come on, That may kid the masses but not us.

 Meanwhile David Bartlett The Prisoner of Port Merrion on Mersey,  Come in No 6,  has been promoted to content editor.
It looks to us that the continuation of the relationship between Downtown Liverpool and Oldham Hall Street will continue.

Peel Holdings are a member of Downtown and recently David Bartlett was advised of an expose in Private Eye where it was reported that Stella Shiu was made bankrupt as recently as two years ago............not a menttion by Bartlett in the pages. http://liverpoolpreservationtrust.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/stella-shiu-exposed-in-private-eye.html
Margaret Hodge calls Peel tax dodgers...not a mention. Jack Straw give Peel a pasting in the House of Commons over devious planning practices.......no not a dicky bird.

 The Views and Blogs section of the website which includes the Editors blog is sponsored by Downtown Liverpool.
 How can we have this happen?
 How dodgy does this look? 
 Editors blog sponsored by McKenna...................No wonder he gets so much publicity.

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