Friday, 19 July 2013

Liverpool Daily Post: Frank McKenna’s Private PR company?

Yesterdays front page of the now weekly Daily Ghost (dead man walking will someone put it out of our misery) carried another advertorial for Frank McSpivs Downtown Liverpool in Joe Anderson’s Pocket, this time the front cover.
Now what on the surface of it proclaims to be a harmless bit of local gossip is never that simple in the corrupted regime that is Oldham Hall Street, the local headquarters of Trinity “Smoking” Mirrors Group here on Murkeyside.
The relationship between McKenna and the editor of the Daily Post Mark Thomas was exposed in Private Eye that Downtown Liverpool sponsor the Posts Views and Blogs section, including the Editors blog.

So they let it lie low for a few weeks and then get back to the same old habits
Recently we were amazed as to the fact that Margaret Hodge called Peel Holdings, who are  prominent members of the shady organisation that is Downtown Liverpool in Joe Andersons Pocket, Tax dodgers. And those at Smoking Mirrors who do not report the truth locally, withhold the information from their local dwindling readership. And you have to ask why the readership is dwindling. Could it be because they are no longer trsuted.

They also buried the expose about Stella Shiu's recent business bankruptcy  in Private Eye,

Although they did expose St Andrews Church was sold to a fraudster for a quid.

But did it make any difference?

We have informed the local press in inumerable occasions about many local dodgy deals and we have to say quite a number of those were buried only to surface in the likes of Private Eye and national publications.

Why is this all happening in plain sight.
It was not long ago that David Wade-Smith, Liverpool's unelected cabinet member for business, was made Chairman or top dog in McKenna’s Downtown Liverpool. His role in the Council is surprising to us, but seeminly not to the local papers.
Nevertheless, Joe Anderson gave him this role (under the table?) , despite Wade Smith costing us the taxpayer  £6.5million quid.

So yesterday's front page in the “Weekly Ghost” writer for the council promoted McKenna elevating him to Guru status.
Why did they even promote this non headline, when we have been calling for Frenson CPO's for years?

A portfolio of properties has gone into administration under the auspices of one of the Anglo Irish Bank (The biggest bunch of shysters of all ) and the portfolio contains about 300 properties. Some may have bee owned by the  Frenson.
So who is McKenna representing when he says they should CPO’d.
The Council had originally sold most of the portfolio to Frenson under a promise of regeneration some time ago. Frenson who just sat on them waiting for them to fall down and the land value to rise.

Iliad the vandals of 6 Sir Thomas Street were one of the first members of Downtown Liverpool In Joe Andersons Pocket and they seem to be ruling the roost in the Ropewalks area.

Plans to knock down two more listed buildings in Duke St have largely gone unnoticed, we can’t do everything.

So what future for this area if one of McSpivs mates, get hold of the properties?
And what does Joe Anderson know of this?
Is he in on the press release?
Also what may be an important issue?
What is to happen to those small thriving businesses that are part of the portfolio McKenna wants someone unbeknown at present to get their hands on.

We have heard on the grapevine that developers have already been eyeing up Wolstoneholme Square as the location for the Camden Market of the North.

Which is code for lets lets get our grips on some real state and stuff the small businesses.

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