Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Liverpool Waters Plans nodded through by Peel's planning poodles.

Yes it was unanimous. You have seen those nodding dogs on the back parcelshelf of a 1979 Rover. Well imagine having ten of them sitting in the front of you as a planning committee, latching on to every word that the arrogant Lindsey Ashworth says, up and down they go nodding away with the promise of jobs.
Ashworth says in a after meeting video done by the Echo.

 "This is the end of the beginning". he says
Well it could well spell the beginning of the end for Liverpools World Heritage site.  http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/_services/ajax/ajax_controller.cfm?event=kyteURL&t=video&u=channels/408938/1618277

David Swift a true heritage campaigner and Wayne Colquhoun were interviewed after the meeting.

Here is the full text of the meeting put online by Neil McDonald of the Echo digital team.


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