Thursday, 22 March 2012

Is David Bartlett Running Joe Anderson's Mayoral Campaign?

He hasn't done too badly of late, well, while we have been feeding him the documents on World Heritage that, he no doubt will win another award for.
But has Bobby Bartlett, at the now close to extinct Daily Ghost, recently been reverting to type.
They say that most journalists have the shape of water and they follow the the shape of the vessel they are contained within.
Today's front page is a declaration of what the intrepid Council leader, Our Joe, cue the trumpets unfurl the flags, will do for us.
What they fail to mention is that he is the biggest threat to Liverpool's skyline since Herman Goerring and his Lufftwaffe.
Bartlett writes on Anderson's behalf
PLANS to create an international migration centre (IMC) to celebrate Liverpool’s role as a gateway to the Americas were due to be announced today.

In a speech today Cllr Anderson was expected to say: “We need to continue to develop a game-changing programme of events and develop a new way of working that defines the city’s ambition and vision.
“Our success has not made us complacent. The economic climate has not diminished our ambition. In fact it has made us more imaginative, more innovative.”

He hasn't even made the speech yet. But Bartlet is giving him a big hurrah the day before!!!!!!!!!

But what is alarming is the claim that Barack Obama's ancestors passed through the port.
Stinky Ink writes;

The immigrants who passed through Liverpool include the ancestors of famous Americans such as President Barack Obama, Tom Cruise, Hillary Clinton, and John F Kennedy.

Now everyone knows that no slaves were landed in the port of Liverpool.......well except those at the Daily Ghost and Joe Anderson, and more precisly Marc Waddington who last week put us back years in the attempt to stop the vandalism of St James Church in Toxteth.
While we are trying to alert people to the fact that they want to build on the graveyard of a listed building.
You really have to STOP THE ROT at the Liverpool Echo.
Waddington again with another Joe Anderson advertorial writes, if you could call it that;
Toxteth is in line for a major transformation worth £47m – including the UK’s first monument to victims of the slave trade.
The massive project will see St James Church on the corner of Upper Parliament Street and Park Road refurbished, and an “African Garden of Remembrance” placed in the graveyard in recognition of the many slaves who were buried there.
The council hopes the monument will be a “major pilgrimage attraction bringing tourists and particularly religious sightseers from America, the Caribbean and West Africa”.
Waddington should be ashamed of this ill informed style of writing that does no good to anyone except Joe Anderson.

Its very worrying indeed.
Meanwhile Private Eye's 'Piloti' has Mr Anderson covered again its a shame those at the Daily Peel don't read it.

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