Monday, 26 March 2012

Do Peel Holdings Make Political Donations?

Have they funded the Conservative Party?
That is a question we are considering today.

Or indeed did they fund the Labour party?
We ask these questions because our local press wont ask any questions preferring to accept council press releases and run Joe Anderson's Mayoral campaign than engage in proper journalism making excuses for the laziness of their writing.
In the light of the recent reporting in the national press of how you can buy your way to the Prime Minister.
We consider how it works on a regiona level.

Wayne advises me that he how he met with David Bartlett and told him that David Cameron was seen on a trade mission with John Whittaker of Peel Holdings, and his son. Despite the local press being paid for their trip to the Shanghai Expo 2010 not a mention of it was made in the local press.

He also spoke with him asking who are Peel Holdings, invisible, Chinese Investors that the Daily Ghost and its sister paper have built up. Stating Stella Shiu is a high ranking Chines Government Official without any evidence to support it.. Can they be serious?
Yet they all looked like a plant at the recent planning meeting, where we waved away our World Heritage Site, on the basis that these are the Chinese investors about to bring a fortune to the city!
This is what we asked. Who is Stella Shiu?
So is John Whittaker or any of his Peel Holdings subsiduaries funding David Cameron? This is the Tory Party website stating that unlike the Labour Party they are not funded by Trade Unions.

So just who are they funded by.

The Leader's Group (annual membership £50,000), described as the "premier supporter group" of the Conservative party, with members "invited to join David Cameron and other senior figures at dinners, post-PMQ lunches, drinks receptions, election result events and important campaign launches".

• The Treasurers' Group (£25,000), whose members are "invited to join senior figures from the Conservative party at dinners, lunches, drinks receptions, election result events and important campaign launches".
• The Renaissance Forum (£10,000), pitched at the party's "closest supporters to enjoy dinners and political debate with eminent speakers from the world of business and politics".
• The Front Bench Club (£5,000), whose members are given "the opportunity to meet and debate with MPs at a series of political lunches and receptions held throughout the year".
• The City and Entrepreneurs Forum (£2,500), aimed at professionals, executives and entrepreneurs to hold "discussions with leading industrialists, parliamentarians and prominent City figures".
• Team 2000 (£2,000): "The principal group of donors who support and market the party's policies in government, by hearing them first hand from the leader and key Conservative politicians through a lively programme of drinks receptions, dinner and discussion groups".
• Fastrack (£250), for young professionals under 40 to attend networking and social events, with events hosted by "key figures in politics, business, industry, the arts and beyond".
• Party Patrons (£50 a month), for "committed Conservative supporters" who are prepared to support campaigning.

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