Wednesday, 3 June 2015

The Oldham Echo-Alastair Machray Has The Cheek To Ask Whats Wrong With The Echo. #TellAli his paper is corrupt.

No wonder the news is always late here is a picture of the Echo Delivery Barge winding its way down The Manchester Ship Canal from its printing press in Oldham.
Now the Editor In Chief, of Trinity "Smoking" Mirrors, Alastair Machray realising that the Echo is now a dead man walking, (we warned them of this when the Daily Post went downhill).
He then has the cheek to ask whats wrong with the paper telling the public he is going to listen to the comments.
Don't believe a word of what this man says. He and his cronies deserve the fate that awaits them. Machray has brought this once trusted institution to its knees to a place where it has become a byword for PR trash and news put together from the Mayor Joe Andersons PR website.
We have been warning them for years and now they say they will listen. Don't believe a word #TellAli says the paper will not change the only reason they are trying to kick up a PR frenzy is to sell papers.
So if you want to buy a paper that helps the Manchester economy then go ahead.
Here's a better one#TellAli to Resign and we will all be better off.

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