Monday, 1 June 2015

#TellAli-His Paper Is Corrupt.

Tell Ali, 
they are having a laugh, he has been told enough times, and does not listen. 

David Ward writes;

His paper the once proud Liverpool Echo, is the lowest form of news openly pandering to the lowest common denominator of the public.
While he has been Editor in Chief the paper has eroded itself to become a joke.
 It was corrupted a long time ago and now they try a PR exercise to pretend that Machray really cares. It was Alastair Machray who allowed his staff to become PR instruments for companies plying their trade on behalf of dodgy property developers.
It was Ali who allowed moonlighting journalists to run out out of control and  those that he made redundant are now working for PR companies that feed the pages of the Echo with trash.

Just take as an example the continual PR about the awful Titanic Hotel and his mates at Signature Living.

We have a question to ask Ali...just how many people have you made redundant, and how can you sleep at night?

Some Further Reading

Tell Ali To bugger off, his paper is corrupt and then we might get a decent editor in who cares.

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