Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Save The Futurist-Private Eye Slam Neptune Developments and City Council For Proposing An Eyesore.

Sometimes You need a look from out of the city to realise just how crass a proposal is. Private Eye is good at that. Maybe then it wakes up the local planners and the dictator of a Mayor Mr Anderson to realise that you cant carry on vandalising your heritage at the behest of the city council's  property developing mates. This is a cosy relationship. One of Neptunes Directors used to work for the City Council planning department. But the real question is how can a city that is a World Heritage City even consider allowing such a bad proposal in the first place? We all know in the city that this is a ugly scheme. Maybe the Chubby version of Derek Hatton can now wake up  and use his dictatorship to send his mates packing right back to the drawing board. 
Don't forget the developers and their architects are the same ones that built the Three Black Coffins on Mann Island that scar our world Heritage blight forever.
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