Thursday, 30 April 2015

Baltic Creative Or Baltic Architectural Abortion?

How can such a small enterprise Baltic Creative  get so much publicity? and who is behind the motor mouths of Baltic Creative?

More importantly. Why is the city allowing such an architectural mess to develop in the Baltic Triangle. While the mouths at Baltic Creative “cover up” this mess by spooning the good news that this is a vibrant area we have to look at the architectural abortion that is Bridgewater Street. Here this end block called Libertas really is taking a Liberty or is it the Micheal?
 It has to be the worst piece of architecture ever built.
There are no words other than a Carbuncle to describe it.

Is Grant Butterworth Liverpool's recently appointed planning manager…....hand picked by Joe “Il Duce” Anderson, really doing his job or just allowing anyone to build anything?
There are good things happening. But Baltic is still a dive. It was a blank canvass so why throw a load of paint on it. There was a big fuss when a small artisan bakery opened up there. Yet not a mention of Antonios Bakery which supplies half the city centre. How long before they will have to close and move to a cheaper are and the bakehouse is flattened to make way for yet more flats?
The new commerces that are claimed are happening seem to be made up of massive blocks of student apartments. 
These apartments are like shoe-boxes.
 It would be like living in a Formula One hotel room.
Coincidentally the horrid architecture of the Formula One (the cheapest hotel chain in France) and the Ibis Hotel, overlooking the Albert Dock are now starting to look like the best quality in the area, against the sad blocks that are being crammed into every piece of derelict land left over from Lady Doreen and Sir Trevor Jones business ventures with Windsor Developments Clever Trevor and Dot who teamed up with the Windsor con men but ultimately this led to the land repossessed by Barclay's Bank who passed it on to Carbuncle Builders Neptune Developments.
Is it Barclay's Bank under the offshore umbrella who are doing the developments in that area?

 These developments that will possibly make Heaps Rice Mill listing as Grade II a waste of time because it will now be swallowed up by the slums of the future that are being built in the Baltic Triangle by Neptune and Co?
And if you listen to, or are taken in by the brazen press releases of that said Baltic Creative, that are lapped up by the local hacks, looking for any good news with which to swindle what's left of the declining readership.
 Or what is left of the hacks that have not been made redundant by Trinity “Smoking” Mirrors very own grim reaper Alastair Machray. Peter Elson the shipping correspondent gets made redundant in the year that he helped bring the Three Cunard ships into Liverpool. Theres Thanks for you,
 How can you sleep at night Mr Machray?

J'accuse Baltic Creative for spreading themselves over the area, pretending everything is fine and rosy, on purpose. Being Property developers Molls. Clouding the issue, making everything look rosy, giving people tinted spectacles.
They are a CIC with charitable status without being accountable as a charity is.
They are funded for sure, we wont go into their finances here.
And then there are the feeders such as grant catchers Engage Liverpool who slither themselves around any where, to anyone will give them a grant.
Gerry Proctors credentials in setting himself up as a planning adviser (sic) in the Baltic Triangle, along with several other areas are simply to make money in our opinion.
Altruism is in short supply where grants are available, in our opinion.
 Engage have been funded by Neptune Developments and at every opportunity Proctor will PR for Neptune.
 He has also done the same promoting for Peel Holdings and  Liverpool Waters, yes the proposed development that has got Liverpool on the World Heritage In Danger List.
Being funded by the City Council and lottery funding, we can state quite categorically that we do not trust the motive of this sinister organisation Engage Liverpool working behind the scenes.

So the place known as the Baltic Triangle is now being redeveloped and Joe Anderson says it is thriving.
All we see is a load of blocks of shoe boxes, and a new MacDonald's, oh, and a new KFC.
While Cains Brewery has been used as a cannabis farm.

But you don't have to believe us if you don't want to.
You can believe Baltic Creative and the PR rubbish that is spooned by Jon Egan and his mate Mo of Archetype Studios or is it Aurora Media or October Communications who gives a jack, who also PR for Neptune Developments and Cains Brewery owners the Dusanj Brothers, that sacked all their workers,
Oh and they were Joe Anderson's PR firm for his Mayoral campaign, they have also been the city councils PR at various times.

Its circles again it should be renamed Baltic Circle not Triangle, such is the incestuous relationships being played out before your very eyes and lapped up and spun with a shovel by the Oldham Echo.

Lets see what it looks like when its finished shall we.
One thing is for certain there is some creative accounting going on there.

 David Ward


  1. Grant Butterworth left the City Council back in August 2014 so direct your libellous nonsense with a bit more care please.

  2. Oh Dear!
    We did not know that you had left.
    Good riddance.
    There is no use trying to get out of it Mr Butterworth.
    There was a lot of damage done to Liverpools Heritage stock while you were Chief Planning Officer and nothing you will say will stop the truth being spoken.
    You allowed the city council planning department to behave with the usual contempt for the old history of Liverpool.
    The conservation office was done away with...How stupid is that.
    Look at these pages to see the disgraceful contempt that you allowed to continue.
    And then you bugger off with no come-back.
    .We hope you can sleep at night in your new position. Wherever that may be.