Monday, 16 March 2015

Save The Futurist Lime Street-No If's and But's Just Save It.

h a city council run by property developers spivs, it is no co-incidence that we find the city embroiled in a heritage battles every week. Those battles are being played out in the pages of the Liverpool Echo and its moonlighting staff with its staff and the dodgy connections with local PR people who have no morals.

Neil Hodgson is bad but Bill Gleeson does it in plain sight.

The sooner we get it into the heads of the Mayor and the dodgy PR companies that he has employed. Companies who would sell their souls are now controlling the press pages and its suits Joe Anderson because he can just turn a blind eye and watch while the city becomes just like anyother a homogonised architecturally bland city where you the leader and his dodgy planning department just allow the demolition of one historic structure after another.

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    A debate from Seven Streets who on the surface of it dont seem to be employed by Neptun e Developments as PR. Though we notice a comment from Gerry Proctor who has been sponsored by them.
    Be careful about how the PR machine works behind a viel of editorial here though.