Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Chavasse Lawn-The Park Where Grass Wont Grow But The Hilton Hotel Does.

 Like the words of the song,
They paved Paradise and put up a parking lot.
 Chavasse Lawn a park that is now 30ft up in the air and built of massive polystyrene blocks on top of a steel frame.
To make a parking lot.
No wonder the grass wont grow.
 Now Liverpool's WAG land The Hilton Hotel has put a planning application in to the city council....PASSED.... to build an extension on the side of the concrete hotel that was once Steers House the council offices.

 Most people will forget that when the then council leader Mike Storey and his mate David Henshaw gave the land to The Duke of Westminster for a peppercorn, he then sold it off to the Hilton for £20,000,000 thus getting a huge chunk of his money back in no time at all.

Mike Storey  deserves an MBE for that and should be made a Lord oh and David Henshaw should be knighted for his sterling work in helping the aristocracy get even richer.

One Park Gone West the monstrous carbuncle inspired by a greenhouse.

Ex Lord Mayor Gary Miller came dressed as a balloon to defend its merits.

This was while the pathetic Oldham Echo PR'd the grand giveaway, and reported it in a way that would not attract so much attention as to raise suspicion that anything was wrong.
It would prove rather interesting if someone was to submit a FOI request and find out the full details of what we sold, or gave away to the richest man in the country.

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