Thursday, 21 November 2013

Archetype Studio Liverpool-Are They Just Your Archetypical Bullshiters or Just a Property Developers Moll?

Oh no, its that man again.......Jon Egan.
The ginger nut is back, bullshiting his way through the press again this time Alan Weston.

What happened to all his other media companies. October Communications. Aurora Media PR etc………must check at company’s house.

It seems he does not have a lot to say about the finances of his own companies.

Now along with fellow PR agent Liam Fogarty (who got Joe Anderson elected, was he paid to start the debate for a Mayor by central government) he is organising a jolly at the Baltic Triangle.  with the likes of Will Alsop who came up with the pathetic Fourth Grace idea that led to the Three Black Coffins on Mann Island.

Stephen Bayley is also there he said the black coffins would be good for Liverpool in the Guardian in 2008.

Free lunch specialist Egan likes to entertain the local press but I don’t think he dines with Bill Le Breton any more, just what did happen there between them two.

Egan was October Communications..Was Aurora Media.....Now he is Archetype

And they have a philosophy

The world is changing rapidly. There are no fixed points, nor ready made strategies and solutions. Communication is more important than ever, but traditional creative disciplines are often too fractured and specialised to respond to a world of complex connections. Increasingly, successful organisations, businesses and brands are those with an essential and distinctive story; those that are able to build and sustain relationships with customers and stakeholders that are more than merely transactional, but have a deeper core and durability.
Archetype is a company configured to the new communication landscape. 
Our approach is:
To go deeper! - Provide more thoughtful and intelligent analysis to clients to guide their approach to communication and business development.
To go further! - Pursue creativity and innovation to the end point, and recognise that every new challenge requires an original solution.
To look wider! - Understand the broader context in which our clients operate, identify critical relationships and help them navigate rapidly changing landscapes.
To underpin this mission, Archetype will always be:
Professional and passionate - we promise total dedication and loyalty based on relationships of mutual respect and integrity.
Nimble and inventive - we’ll be alert and responsive to change, open to new methods and consistently looking for more effective and original solutions.
Ethical and progressive - we’ll conduct all relationships with stakeholders and clients ethically and with a commitment to delivering the best environmental and social outcomes. We believe our reputation and that of our clients is ultimately founded on how we behave not just how we communicate.

If you believe this bullshit you will believe anything.

Its all pearls before swine though

Now Egan is organising a load of unrelevent twaddle in the Baltic Triangle possibly on behalf of some shady property developer as he always seems to do.

Did they PR for Downtown Liverpool or where him and Frank McKenna just mates?

Is he PR for Cains? Is he the PR to railroad all those poor people who lost their jobs at the brewery?

Don’t believe a word of what this company says.

They archetypicaly go on.

Less Noise, More Meaning
We are a creative company that doesn’t define what we do by the tools and media that we use and we don’t measure success by the amount of noise we make. We create and communicate things that are original, relevant and meaningful. We use intelligence and creativity to help clients discover and express their essential values and build the relationships needed to flourish and prosper. There is already too much noise in the world. We want to make meaning.

Egan has been employed by the city council, Liverpool Vision, Neptune Developments and the corrupted Mersetravel.
 He was employed by David Wade-Smith to PR the black coffins on Mann Island that now houses Miserytravels headquarters. and now he rounds up all the usual suspects to bullshit their way through another load of toss and make it sound relevant.
 But we don’t believe you.

All PR together who is funding this meeting?

 We don't believe Egan. We also don’t believe Sevenstreets anymore

And why is Plus Dane sponsoring another event.

Written by David Ward

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