Thursday, 13 June 2013

"We Are Not Tax Dodgers" say Peel Holdings- Oh Yeah! And My Auntie Is My Uncle.

Margeret Hodge accuses Peel of 'Tax Dodging'
Property giants Peel Group have been accused of ‘tax-dodging’ by an influential panel of MPs.

Tax crusader Margaret Hodge – famed for her attacks on Starbucks, Google and Amazon – dubbed the firm a virtual ‘monopoly’ and attacked the BBC for handing it millions of pounds in licence fee cash.
During an outing to Salford’s MediaCity, Mrs Hodge’s powerful public accounts committee grilled BBC chiefs on the value of their £1bn move north.
She singled out its contract with landlord Peel for criticism – claiming some parts of the giant pay no tax at all.
Committee chair Mrs Hodge began by congratulating those giving evidence – BBC North director Peter Salmon, BBC trustee Anthony Fry and Zarin Patel, its chief financial officer – on delivering the move on time and broadly within budget.
But she said they should have tried harder to find a firm that paid more tax.

This was reported in the Manchester Evening News. And not a mention  from The Daily Ghost or The Oldham Echo who did a tacky upbeat story instead to convince the readership who they educate, or dont, that Peel Holdings are Liverpool's Savior's despite Liverpools WHS being on the Unesco "In Danger" list..
We have asked serious questions of Liam Murphy and David Bartlett on how they have been  printing what Peels Media Company want him to without question.
Liam Murphy needs to be careful or he may end up with an IPPC complaint made against him and the corrupted paper that he works for.

‘We Are Not Tax Dodgers’, Says Peel

11 June

Peel Group, Manx-controlled owners of Manchester’s Trafford Centre and Liverpool’s docks, denied a Public Accounts Committee claim that they never pay more than ten per cent corporation tax. Margaret Hodge, chairwoman of the PAC and scourge of tax dodgers at Amazon, Starbucks and Google, said some parts of Peel’s £6.6 billion property empire ‘do not pay their fair share’ of tax. She criticised the BBC for handing millions of licence payers’ cash to Peel during a billion pound move from London to MediaCityUK at Salford Quays. She congratulated the BBC on delivering the project but said she was fed up of hearing about restrictions imposed by the EU forcing the BBC to deal with Peel. At a hearing in Salford she said,’Peel almost have a monopoly of a lot of capital investment in this area, which always worries me as to whether you, the BBC, gets the best price.’

Peel complained in a statement that they had not been warned about the attack. A spokesman said, ‘Following comments made at the Public Accounts Committee meeting on Monday, The Peel Group would like to make it clear that it rejects any assertion that it is not paying its fair share of corporation tax.All Peel operating businesses, including Peel Media (the developers and owners of MediaCityUK), are UK domiciled for taxation purposes and pay the appropriate level of UK tax.

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