Monday, 23 July 2012

Mann Island-Shortlisted For Carbuncle Cup Award

They got away with it last year by claiming it was not finished but this year it has been shortlisted for the Carbuncle Cup Award run by Building Design Magazine.
 BD says
Our list also boasts two wrist-slashingly awful housing schemes: the dismally proportioned, thinly detailed and grimly utilitarian Firepool Lock in Taunton and the Mann Island development in Liverpool, a scheme that completes the desecration of that city’s once great waterfront.
Last year the new Museum of Liverpool was runner up to Peel Holdings Media City.
Dont forget the 2009 winner the godawful Termunal Ferry Carbuncle and One Parked Here Without Our Say So the infamous One Park Worst on Mann Island came 4th.
Liverpool is now on the World Heritage In Danger List and we are constantly  told about how the city is Regenerated.
You couldnt make this up.

A reminder of the "Before and After" and the crime against architecture and the principles of World Heritage that has taken place

Friday, 8 July 2011

Mann Island Nominated For Building Designs Carbuncle Cup Award.

Its that time of the year again when Liverpool's Binge Builders wake up with a hangover and cringe.

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Matt Brook the poor excuse for an Architect. He of World Heritage disaster at Mann Island will have to accept the prize there can be no other more worthy winner for the 2011 Carbuncle Cup award than the atrocious Three Black Coffins built by Broadway Malyan for Neptune Developments.

They promised us Iconic and give us Ichronic, an anachronism of bad design plonked bang slappo in the world heritage site despoiling the best views of Liverpool, cherished views, they turn Liverpool's World Heritage Site into World Heritage S*ite.

There is no other way to describe it.

It is like giving a pretty girl a black eye and then knocking her teeth out and then saying now you cant smile anymore.

The Terminal Ferry Building was well accepted as a worthy winner in 2009.

Is it just my opinion, I think not.

This is what we said last year

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