Friday, 27 July 2012

English Heritage Blue Plaque Scheme

The English Heritage Blue Plaques team has published an online register of commemorative plaque schemes throughout England. With information on around 250 schemes run by local history societies, civic societies, community associations and local authorities, the register will act as a hub of information for anyone interested in plaque schemes across the country. With links to individual websites and contact details for each scheme where available, the register makes it possible for people to approach organisations, get involved in plaque schemes, and suggest historical personalities, events and sites to be commemorated. English Heritage hopes the register will make it easier to locate various schemes throughout England and identify those best able to provide local advice on the intricacies of running a plaque scheme.

As well as developing the register, English Heritage is active in developing guidance for those individuals or organisations interested in putting up plaques. Such groups are encouraged to contact English Heritage’s Blue Plaques team, especially where the register reveals there is no active scheme near them, for their comprehensive advice and guidance document, Celebrating People and Place.

You can visit  to view the register

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