Saturday, 21 January 2017

Anfield Cemetry-The Disgrace. Shame On Liverpool City Council.

How can this be right.      

How can disrespect manifest itself in such a way. 
When Joe Anderson is dole-ing out funny money to his mates at Downtown Liverpool In Business why cant he find a little bit of cash to stop this rot?
 (fair enough it has not fell down under his watch, the dilapidation started much before he came to power). 
But what is being done about it now. 
A billion pounds of European money and they cant spend a bit of it on honouring our forebears.
This is a disgrace that is beyond words. It is sacrilege.
 I find it hard to express what this means to me. when I see the names of World War One heroes desecrated in such a manner. It really  is enough to make me cry. Cry for those who have no voice, for those that are buried a long time ago, that have no voice. 
Why did they let this happen. 

And how can they do this to those who fought for our freedom. So we can talk out loud so we can say the Joe Anderson you are corrupted with the power you possess. The fat man needs to take control of this and get this disgraceful situation sorted out. 
We are not a poor city so why cant we find some cash to stop this rot.
 Fat man found two million pounds of public funds to knock down The Futurist in Lime street. 
So why cant he find a little bit of money to help upkeep the honour of the people who went to war in Flanders fields............................... so we can be free. 
The bodies that lay within this roofless building are not all World War One heroes and because the writer does not recognise all the names, cannot say as to the importance of those who lie within these walls. But there must have been an importance that we were not supposed to forget...................Imagine in a hundred years we disrespected the memorials to the Hillsborough tragedy.

 If I could find those responsible for this I would curse them to be disrespected in the same way.

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