Wednesday, 1 July 2015

UNESCO World Heritage Committee Meeting 2015; World Heritage Committee Are Getting A Bit Fed Up With Liverpool's Proposed Cultural Vandalism.

Unesco are getting a bit fed up with the ill educated cultural vandals that are running the city. Discussed at the same meeting as war torn Aleppo and the historic town of Zabid in Yemen.
 It was discussed along with sites destroyed by the Taliban as acts of cultural terrorism.
 Liverpool is not in a third world country as many of the at risk sites but never the less it is really sailing close to the wind. Showing the city as culturally backward is something that all but Liverpool Echo reporters and their readers think is acceptable.
With a education via the Liverpool Echo it is understandable why the general population are letting Joe Anderson make us a laughing stock.
Henry Owen John of English Heritage has benefited from the threat and he is now at the UNESCO meeting making excuses for the DCMS who are trying to defend the Mayor who has the intellect of the Taliban in its quest to destroy cultural heritage that belongs to the world. Over three years after Liverpool Waters ticket that he was elected on. By 15% of the population that turned out to vote for him not a job has been created or a brick laid. Peel Holdings Chinese backers have been exposed as invisible and still they keep up the pretence.
 Most of the rest of the population don't seem to care who is ripping them off.

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