Thursday, 7 March 2013

Mann Island Has Structural Problems-Why Wont The Local Press Report It,

It take Private Eye to mention it. Its only a footnote and what of the fact, that,  for nearly two years there has been a crane next to The Black Coffins on Mann Island. This development by Matt Brooks of Broadway Malyan  is quite rightly noted by 'Piloti' in NOOKS AND CORNERS as destroying the best views of Liverpool. Those cherished views from the Albert Dock over to The Port Of Liverpool Buildings. Not forgetting this is also the view, that Liverpool Museums also had to pay out £750,000 to spoil. How can you make such a pigs ear out of a silk purse.
Fuzzy Felt Fleming of Liverpool museums now has the architect of Liverpool's giant sunlounger in court. No not Kim Neilson of 3XN who he sacked, the other one who he is now blaming for the mess.
Ho many different people ill old fuzzy felt blame

It is nice to see Private Eye keeping a close lookout on Liverpool's new found prosperity, which seems to be at the cost of the homogenisation of Liverpool's World Heritage Site. It now looks increasingly likely that Unesco will soon remove World Heritage Site status from us. What a loss this will be.

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  1. Just read this in private eye, scandalous!