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Peel Holdings Pillorised by Salford Residents. Are You Listening Mayor Anderson.

Are they the worst most unscrupulous developer that we have ever encountered?  http://www.salfordstar.com/article.asp?id=1688 Draining the public purse. Are they Government Grant farmers?
Peel Holdings have got Liverpool put on the Unesco World Heritage "In Danger" List. What a shower of arrogant bastards http://liverpoolpreservationtrust.blogspot.co.uk/2010/09/peel-holdings-arrogant-bastards.html they are
But we are not alone,  all over the North West the Peel Organisation are trying to get away with whatever they want...............and they are supported by Louise Ellman who may remember them from her Lancashire County Council days that I am sure she would like to forget.

Star date: 5th February 2013
Last night, over six hundred residents met to unanimously oppose plans by Peel Holdings and Taylor Wimpey to build hundreds of houses on greenfield sites in and around Worsley, Roe Green, Ellenbrook and Boothstown.
A steering group has been set up and people are being urged to join the campaign to fight planning applications which are expected in the immediate future…
A hint of what was to come appeared last April when a Habitat Appraisal of areas around Worsley was commissioned by Peel Holdings. The study, by Ecological Services Ltd and listing an array of stunning fauna and flora, concluded that "The marketing of 'an excellent network of footpaths and variety of wildlife habitats on your doorstep' would surely appeal to many home buyers'.

The survey didn't state whether building hundreds of homes on the local greenfield sites would harm, and maybe destroy, the `variety of wildlife habitats on your doorstep'.
After the Planning Inspector basically told Salford Council to tear up its Core Strategy which protected much of the city's green belt and greenfield sites (see here), and armed with ConDem Government's free for all National Planning Policy Framework, developers are literally having a field day.
Peel Holdings and developer Taylor Wimpey are planning to build over five hundred houses either side of Worsley Road (Broadoak North and South) in what Wimpey calls its `Garden City' concept. Elsewhere, according to campaigners, there are plans afoot for…
…140 houses off Vicars Hall Lane/Highclove Lane, 19 houses on Greylag Crescent, Ellenbrook, 23 houses Simpson Grove, Boothstown, 50 houses off Lumber Lane, Roe Green, up to 200 houses Crossfield Drive, Worsley, 450 houses at Hazelhurst, Worsley, 18 units on Boothstown canal basin, 15 houses off Mesne Lea Road, Worsley, and 60 houses behind Roe Green Cric. Peel Holdings' fingers are in the financial pie of most of the developments.
Last night over six hundred residents packed into St Marks Church, Worsley, to hear the plans and launch a campaign against destruction of greenfield sites. The meeting was called by local Tory councillors but also attended by Barbara Keeley, Labour MP for Worsley and Eccles South.
Community leaders, including Andrew Moore from WRAGE (Worsley Residents Against Greenfield Erosion), expressed their concerns about the developments, including increased traffic congestion, and the resulting air pollution, loss of green space and the impact on already overstretched schools.
A steering group is being set up and there was a request for people to come forward who have skills to help the campaign and launch a fund to fight the forthcoming planning applications.
Meanwhile, Taylor Wimpey are holding two sessions of consultation exhibitions on Thursday and Friday this week (7th and 8th February) at the Novotel Hotel on Worsley Brow. Residents are asked to attend to show their opposition to the Broadoak `Garden City' development.
For further information see http://www.broadoakworsley.co.uk/
For further information and news on the campaign see the Worsley Civic Trust website – click here
There is also a WRAGE facebook group which you have to apply to join – see here: http://www.facebook.com/groups/wrage/
The Battle Lines Are Drawn...
A first hand account of the meeting by resident and campaigner Steve Allington...
Several hundred braced the cold and wintry conditions last night to show their solidarity in uniting against the proposed development of 1,600 homes in and around the Worsley, Boothstown and Ellenbrook areas.
The main areas affected would be Worsley Road where up to 600 homes are planned adjacent to Bridgewater School and on the opposite side, effectively linking Worsley Village to Broadoak Park, Crossfield Drive where up to 200 homes are planned on farm land desecrating current woodland walks and 450 homes on green belt land off Hazelhurst Road.
However, not satisfied with concreting these areas Peel and Taylor Wimpey are proposing to put plans in to shoe horn 75 homes into Lumber Lane, Roe Green, and 60 houses behind Beesley Green community centre adjacent to the local cricket and tennis club.
Mention was also made by local councillors of the need to support residents of Irlam and Cadishead who face losing green belt land to 1,400 homes erected by the developers.
The vote in favour of a concentrated protest and challenge to the plans was passed unanimously and a steering group will now mobilise residents, councillors and local community groups to fight the plans.
The first act will be to storm the Novotel Worsley - when Peel Holdings unveil their planned build on Thursday 7th and Friday 8th February - and voice dissent.
Peel Holdings and Taylor Wimpey will be left in no doubt that they are not wanted.
Local residents fought off the threat of a racecourse in the village several years back and they are confident they can win this battle. Protesters voiced concern over lack of school places, traffic congestion, air quality, over burdening local NHS dental and GP practices as well as the impact it would have on conservation and leisure activities for Salford residents.
Exiting the meeting, resident Graeme Mooney complained about traffic congestion stating, "Each morning it takes me longer to get onto the motorway driving the 1 mile from my home in Roe Green to the grid locked Worsley roundabout than it does to then drive to my office in Warrington. Where the hell are these extra cars going to go? We have one of the busiest motorway intersections in the UK running through a tiny village".
Meanwhile, our schools are already over subscribed and these plans make no provision for more additional places. Who is going to buy the houses anyway? Worsley is already strewn with overpriced new builds at the Boatyard and Stableford that they can't sell now. Why do we need more?

"Worsley is one of the last tracts of green open space Salford is lucky to possess" said Roe Green resident Steve Rennie "Concreting over, what is a vital green lung of our city is something Peel and Taylor Wimpey should never be allowed to do..."

Heres one or two we did earlier.

http://liverpoolpreservationtrust.blogspot.co.uk/2010/11/joe-anderson-spiving-for-peel-holdings.html Is Joe Anderson spiv-ing for Peel Holdings.


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