Monday, 18 June 2012

Liverpool to be placed on Unesco World Heritage Site In Danger List.

A third world country could be excused for allowing itself to destroy one of its cities best assets a WHS, but the UK government have allowed the Spivs of Liverpool to do deals with dodgy builders such as Peel Holdings that will allow the WHS to be irreversibly damaged beyond repair.
It is obvious to our minds that Joe Anderson has done a Peel Deal that allows him to get the vote winning cruise liner terminal at the nod of Peel who had control of the customs facility in exchange for nodding the plans through.

What an utter embarrassment our new Mayor, will prove to be the felected Mayor who gets us on the Unesco "In Danger" list.
This was a further frustrated warning from Unesco after the plans were passed after the Unesco monitoring mission gave advice against going ahead with Liverpool Waters
 Just as the image of the city has been changed in the minds of people further afield and across the world we get an ill educated council leader voted in by the populace who have been force fed with the empty promises of job creation.
But in reality Peel want the the WHS scrapped so they can build Shanghai-On-Mersey and increases the land value for a sell on when the time comes.

Joe Anderson being driven by Peel.

City council grants planning permission for development scheme at World Heritage site “Liverpool – Maritime Mercantile City”

Thursday, March 8, 2012

On 6 March 2012, Liverpool City Council’s Planning Committee granted outline planning permission for the Peel Holdings £5.5bn Liverpool Waters scheme. The permission is subject to the signing of a legal agreement and has to be referred to the Government which will decide whether a public inquiry will be held.
Experts from UNESCO's World Heritage Centre and from the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) undertook a reactive monitoring mission from 14 to 16 November 2011 to assess planning procedures and the overall development strategies for the World Heritage property “Liverpool – Maritime Mercantile City”.
The mission report, together with its conclusions and recommendations, was transmitted to State Party of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland on 23 January 2012.
While the mission acknowledged the need for regeneration of the World Heritage property, at the same time it provided clear recommendations concerning the proposed development and referred particularly to the 2011 UNESCO Recommendation on the Historic Urban Landscape.
The mission report together with a report on the latest developments will be submitted to the World Heritage Committee which will examine the property's state of conservation at the World Heritage Committee's 36th session (Saint Petersburg, 24 June - 6 July 2012).

 Incidentally Unesco are using a view of Mann Island that has now been obliterated by Three Black Coffins on Mann Island. Just look at what was there before and the views as they are now.

Two views of Mann Island before and after.

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