Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Littlewoods Edge Lane-Rotting Away, This Building Needs Help.

Private Eye's 'Piloti' again takes an interest in the forlorn hope that is The Littlewoods Building Edge Lane.
SAVE Britain's Heritage chip in with what they are good at saying
"Government Agencies need to show Liverpools Commercial Heritage its proper respect and we call on Eric Pickles to insist his HCA civil servants guarantee this majestic buildings future".

While Joe Anderson and his press office The Liverpeel Daily Post & Echo are telling everyone how wonderful it will be to lose the WHS by building over the Central Docks they have forgotten there is a need to quantify what we are allowing to rot in this city. Why not create jobs in Edge Lane.

The press did take an interest in this building when Wayne saved it from demolition by getting assurances from the then Council leader and committee member of the NWDA Mike Storey.
The NWDA then bought it.
 Wayne made an application to have it listed and Marcus Binney of SAVE added his weight to the need to list it. The c20society also supported this application.
But there it is rotting.
It should have been the new Museum of Liverpool and that would have regenerated the area but it was too important an issue to Mike Storey that he was hellbent on destroying the unique character of Liverpool's World Heritage Site that he ignored Wayne plea.
There was talk of making it into a school.

Liverpool's Regeneration Game

Urban Splash claimed they saved it.

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