Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Lindsey Ashworth-What an Arrogant Man. And Fib after Fib after Fib!

Well what do you expect when working for a company such as Peel Holdings. http://liverpoolpreservationtrust.blogspot.com/2010/09/peel-holdings-arrogant-bastards.html

But its the way he tells them, he keeps on going on about how the world and his dog is against them, but they just don't get the message....they are arrogant bastards. Oh and blackmailers, now they threaten to walk away from a scheme that they cant deliver on, because they have not got the class and they blame English Heritage for it and everyone else but it is they who are at fault.

Eddy Rhead of the Manchester Modernists says in the Architects Journal http://www.architectsjournal.co.uk/news/daily-news/peel-not-afraid-to-walk-away-from-liverpool-waters/8626972.article#commentsubmitted
 The arrogance of Peel and Lindsey Ashworth in particular holds no bounds. The fact they are prepared to take their ball home with them if they dont get to win is typical and shows their lack of commitment to sustainable development. Ashworth is the one, when faced with criticism from English Heritage and UNESCO that Lverpool Waters would threaten Pier Head's World Heritage Site status claimed "We are right and they are completely wrong".

Wayne backed Eddy up
Call my Bluff is a game this arogant developer Peel Holdings and its oily rags are used to playing.

Only this time they are playing it with a Unesco World Heritage Site and the city council...Peels poodles are allowing them to do what they want only to lose us the coveted title.

Why not look to Amsterdam for inspiration and how they are able to build humane sustainable architecture around its historic waterways?

Why would you want to turn a WHS into Milton Keyne-on-Sea it makes no sense.

The fact of the matter is the developers do not have the class to deliver and will flip the schem if planning permission is granted.

Trafford Park-On-Mersey is just not good enough for my city.

Now the hole in the wall gang John Whittaker and his Lap-Dogs, not content with stealing our World Heritage Site in a smash and grab are whacking hell out of Jesse Hartleys Dock Wall, some of the finest masonry, built by Napoleonic prisoners of war, in the country in a seperate planning application.

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