Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Heaps Rice Mill-A Letter To Joe Anderson. The building is in a bad state.

Mayor Joe Anderson
Liverpool City Council
Municipal Buildings

By Post and email.

Mr Anderson.
I enclose pictures of Heaps Mill which is in a perilous state at present.
You will recall both myself and numerous other people who care about the citys past campaigned vigorously to save the building from demolition. I think the developer was Elliot Developments.
English Heritage decided the building was of national historic importance and decided to list it after the Merseyside Civic Society made the application.
It seems that Liverpool City Council with its non existance conservation people consider it to be of little importance.
There are now trees growing out of the structure, mainly around the top which will create structural problems. The roots of these buddlia trees are growing through the courses of brickwork seperating them and if left unchecked for any longer will lead to the building being of little significance. I do not wish to watch this building become the same fate as the Futurist in Lime Street, being allowed to deteriate and then spurriosly be claimed it is unsafe.
I would request an immediate structural survey to ascertain the situation.
I would further request a repairs notice be served on the owner of the property who does not it seem respect the historical context of this, a piece of our history.

Please would you advise me what you are doing to stop this disgraceful situation falling into a place where the developers will claim it is too far gone.

I look forward to hearing from you by return.


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