Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Joe Anderson In Private Eye Over Cunard Council Cock Up Deal.

Private eye have the measure of Joe "Il Duce" Anderson with a new twist on the story of 'The Cunard Council Cock Up Deal'

Reported as the deal that was so great for Liverpool that Peter Elson, Liverpool Echo shipping correspondent, is quoted as saying "Cunard Buildings is a sleeping beauty kissed by Prince Charming"
Perish the thought, of being kissed by an ugly bloke in a suit, that cant add up.

Sycophantic comments will get you nowhere, reporters who do not do the homework are a far too common thing on the Echo these days.

So click on the photo and see what they say about Uncle Joe "Stalin" Anderson.
Just who is sending all this stuff off to Private Eye.........certainly not the pathetic hacks at Oldham Hall Street the headquarters of the City Council PR machine who don't know how to ask a question but just print any old crap and then wait till it all goes pear shape and then print that.  

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