Thursday, 9 April 2009


KEEP OFF THE GRASS where they smoking some when they designed it?

LIVERPOOL'S LOST DOCK OPENS.....well it was never lost... it was always there.... and they have now built the monstrous block of flats ONE PARK GONE WEST and a car park on the site with a glass feature to boot.
We can now walk around and see two old walls that are left below the tons of poured concrete, yippee! we are so lucky in Liverpool.
One of the features of Grosvenor-pool is the glass panels on top of Chavasse Lawn where you are able to look back down into the car-park to wave to your mum.
This happened recently when a young child in the region of 12 years of age jumped off the 2ft ledge onto the panel which is a feature and open invitation to walk and sit and picnic upon it.
And the glass shattered...bloody 'ell, let go to Grosvenor-pool and kill the kid...the poor child must have had a heart attack.
So its now closed off and as usual with parks there is usually a sign that says Keep off the Grass.. we are now signed KEEP OFF THE GLASS. Was the designer of said piece of 'elf and safety breach smoking something like grass when the engineer did thier load calculations for this naff architectural feature.

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